Favorite Spaces


Listed here are my favorite spaces online I am much enthusiastic to share about (thus allotting a space for them here) because of how real they get and for some, use the blog as platform to create positive influence to the readers from a Biblical perspective. 

Teach with Joy by Joy Mendoza  I came across her page while doing some homeschooling research and I was happy to find more gems besides homeschooling – there are practical applications out of biblical truths about marriage, parenting, and relationships.


Wanders&Wonders by Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio – She’s a testimony of a changed life. Amidst her being a celebrity, her bravery that comes innate from knowing the Lord Jesus makes her radiant even more. Plus her blog couples into fashion and travel blogs as well. And! She’s done the Foreword to the book (a compilation of young women’s journey through life) that we will soon launch  (and what made me more excited is that some of my articles/testimony are included there as well!).


Buhay Purpol by Faye Chelabian – It was a double blessing that I’ve personally known Ate Faye beyond her blog articles.  Young women could count on her hearty life lessons on waiting, career decisions, cooking!, pursuing your dreams, and just being the person God wants you to become — all she generously shares with humility and wisdom.


Patty Laurel’s Blog – Patty being the VJ and host has a voice that’s really uplifting even through her articles. I love her wit and her happy approach in life is just insulating!


Spell Saab by Saab Magalona – Saab’s one cool girl who is so natural and her points of view make unconventional cut through the uso (fad?). Well I just feel that way. I also find her love for education and books and reading and art just admirable for a young person this day.


Candidly Pretty  a perfect DIY site! I’m also a lover of crafts especially when I was younger. Somehow, the motions that came along as an adult a.k.a. the busyness robbed me of my time to make butingting and get something nice and useful out of the simple. And reading her DIY activities really makes me want to join her again in “making life prettier one DIY at a time.”


Mark and Riza’s Journal – This is our journey of fun and faith as we advance through our wedding and married life. 🙂 I’m glad God made a way for us to be together and we commit our future plans to Him!



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