The Habit of “I Love You”

I’ve been regularly following Ms. Joy Mendoza’s blog since I was linked to it while searching about homeschooling. And it has blessed me in many ways as I learned about the dynamics of relationships, family, commitment, and faith as she candidly and humbly shares about her life experiences.

Click on the link to land on her page and to read more about the topic. 🙂

The Habit of “I Love You”


This was drafted four years ago! I know, it’s very outdated, but the message, I believe, will still ring true up to this day. So I’m posting this anyway. And also for the reason below…

I had the desire to revive my online journal once again and to be able to read back from future years of what has transpired in my life, or better yet, to see how the Lord’s hands have worked in my life. Or maybe see if I have actually allowed Him to work in it (I pray so!)

So, I’m starting again…


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Future D.I.O. Projects

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