About Me

I am Riza E.  Pilapil (I’ll be changing surname by January 2014!). Here’s my space for my discreet thoughts about life, family, love, career, and just about anything I find inspiring. I find weekends at home great opportunities to spend with my family, to ponder on life, to recollect memories, to work overnight without the worries of a morning class/work, and to rest from the weekday rush. There’s always many good reasons to spend weekends at home!

Happy weekend!



I’ve been home to a grassy and paved UPLB as a college student. That is why I’ve been literally away from my family for all of the school days in four years. I am a Marketing Specialist in one of the key Christian publishing companies in the Philippines. Since my workplace is located in Paranaque, I also had to stay at a dorm.

My weekends are spent in our Antipolo home where we are surrounded by children of all ages as neighbors. I also teach kids during Sunday school and stretch myself to get them engaged with action songs despite my initial lack of talent to it. I would always want to go back to doodling, sketching, and imagining in leisure – my favorite preoccupations during my growing up years. I’m engaged-to-be-married to the person I am really happy to be with, he’s an example of grace personified, a teammate, and a best friend.


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