The Diary of A Breastfeeding Mama

Exactly my feelings, too. 😊

You’ve been in labor for several hours, hoping and praying for the little one to come out…and finally, after three pushes, you hear your baby’s first cry. You cry too.

They hand over the baby, right on your chest, all slimy and gooey-looking, but it doesn’t matter. You still kiss him anyway.. He searches for your breast and with that first latch you get a rush of mixed emotions. Strange. Painful.. But no, more of an overwhelming sense of fulfillment and a bit of fear … Because it’s just you, your husband and this tiny creature now. This fragile life is now in your hands.

You stare at this baby in amazement, you’re probably exhausted now but it doesn’t matter- you’ve waited nearly 10 months to meet this one!

The doctors now hold your baby and clean him up… You just stop.. stare and maybe glance at your husband thinking…

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